In 2017, I was diagnosed with foot cancer, precisely skin cancer. 
2 months prior to being diagnosed with cancer, I was rushed in emergency surgery for an infection on my hip from a little annoying pimple who developed into a monster Staph infection, that left a huge hole in my hip from which I could see the inside . They had to dig so deep to remove all of the infection. The foot surgeries Counted to about  4 in less than 2 weeks. I was found to have two more infections running throughout my body along with the cancer. I was doing great! 
Having a partial amputation, This was very mentally challenging considering I had never been this sick in my life and always was very healthy and in shape A lot of things had to be reorganized After all that, I soon decided to make a change  by moving to Colorado from Florida. Shortly after arriving in Colorado , I soon realized that things were going to be much harder than I thought.
 I was lucky to have some money aside for a little while but realized that I had to get back to work ASAP. Because of my disability at the time, I decided that for many Factors, driving, which I truly enjoy would be a perfect way to make money and discover the Denver area to where I had moved. I strategized a  plan to payoff my medical bills over 4 years. As of last month, I was successful in the task that I had set.
I could not have fathom losing my job 2 weeks later and my lease vehicle along with it. I sold my personal vehicle last year because I was not using it it made things a little easier.
For the past 4 years I have worked very long hours at an average of 6 days per  week to pay off my bills. Every dollar that I made was  directed towards my debts and my pets. They have always been very good therapy, and not having any family here in the United States , these guys are my family. I have 2 dogs, a treeing coonhound( about 8 years old) and a chihuahua(about 5 years old), and 3 cats( 9,11 and 14 years old), of which one of them just had 2 babies last week. Could not have been better timing!!! They're all rescued.
 2020 was a bust as I did not work for 10 months of that year but still had to pay my bills out of my savings that I had been able to generate by then.
 2021 had been very good until November 6th when I lost my job. I was just starting to replenish a little saving for the next stage but unfortunately at this time I'm running extremely low on funds in order to get back on track to speed down the rail to a better destination. I am running very low on my pet supplies and will be running out of propane for my heating by the middle of next week. When arriving here in Colorado it turned out to be impossible to get an apartment or a house because I was lacking tenant history in the area. After staying in a hotel for over a year I decided that the best and most secure would be to purchase a big motorhome. I settled for a 33 Footer with one 10 foot slide. Opening the slide gives us about 370 square feet of space with 12 windows Although I keep my spirits up, this is a very scary time as I don't have any transportation a job and almost out of money. I am a fighter and a hard worker, and I will find a job. I can't say that in  almost 40 years in America things were always easy, but I have always overcomed and have always been grateful.
If you decide to do so, even a minimal donation will greatly help get over this major burden and certainly help us all.
Each and every dollar will be a forwarding step toward the goals in had set prior to losing it all.

Thank you, truly. Olivier
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