Hi Saints,
Praise Jesus, amen. Thank you all for taking time and consideration. I'm Alicia B., single 38 yr old believer. I studied missions at a reformed seminary after high school, but actually recently became a believer. Early this year in fact! Jesus saved my soul, my life. So, I owe everything to that, my own life included. I am willing to GO. The harvest is ripe in our very own country. I understand the culture, because I was saved out of that very darkness. As we are in the end times, my passion is to tell as many people as possible about the one, true God. My passion is indeed for the saints. Those who already are and those who will be.
With all of that said, my goal for is to do so and soon. Life is a vapor. I want to live fully unto God and obey. I have been praying and seeking His will. In fact I want to do exactly His will and so as the vision became clearer, I was led here. I am trusting God. I have posted no amount of money because I trust God will lead people by the Spirit. I want to be transparent. Since my conversion, I have put aside all I have which is almost enough for half of a used class B RV. I will not be holding down a "job" obviously so the income will be solely donations. I will just need insurance for the vehicle, gas, food and a handful of bills (really just phone) as I take this journey. If there is more funding, I assure you it will go to the ministry of God. We know how God feels about money and it is all from Him anyhow. My goal is to take at least one week in each continental state and go into local churches, parks, potentially outside of concerts & universities, & anywhere else God leads to share, encourage, etc. Think of it kind of like a modern day Paul. If God asks me to stay in a city longer, then I will. I have begun praying over a map and highlighting as the Spirit leads. I have begun emailing local churches (of course with a similar mindset not just any "church"). I will eventually be opening a youtube channel as well to show progress, share praises, etc. God-willing. I plan to start on the East Coast and visit both some major cities and small towns. Also I would love to meet any donors if their church is open to having me! As I mentioned, the harvest is ripe, people are without hope and searching for answers. And we know the only hope that does not dissappoint. It is love to share that so thank you brothers and sisters. You are making an impact bigger than you know. To God be the glory forever. His kingdom come, His will be done, amen.