A Mom's Lawful Fight

My mother is a 69 year old retired Christian woman living in Battle Ground Washington. She has raised 4 children of her own, the youngest being fully autistic who is now 30 years old but has full guardianship of her. She lives with her & needs constant care. Her other daughter used to live with her as well & help her out.
Her oldest son lives in the same town as her & is the current Mayor of The City of Battle Ground.
Recently she has made the decision to sell her house with the intent of moving to Idaho. She is currently looking for housing in Idaho.
Upon making this aware to her oldest son (the mayor) & her live-in middle daughter, they both objected to her moving to Idaho with her youngest autistic daughter who she has legal guardianship over since she was born (she is now 30 years old). Both of her kids have gained legal counsel to contest her legal guardianship custody of her youngest Autistic daughter. She was advised by her former attorney that her kids are contesting her guardianship because they don't think she is fit to be the guardian because of her "fanatical Christian" views & as well as they claim she is poisoning her autistic daughter with Ivermectin & or Hydroxychloroquine which she ordered for herself via a tele-medicine doctor & pharmacy prescription from America's Frontline Doctor's.

She considers herself an online church member of Global Vision Bible Church (with Pastor Greg Locke) & watches from home. Both of her kids have told her that she is falling into a cult & doesn't deserve to be the guardian of her youngest anymore.
In addition to her guardianship being currently contested with a temporary injunction being put into place, (as if that isn't enough) there is also a pending order to force her autistic daughter to get the vaccine against her wishes. Under the pretense that her mother does not have her best medical interest in mind. I ask you, what county do we live in?

Her oldest son who is the mayor, has legal resources at his disposal that she does not. I pray that she would be able to raise the funds necessary to afford the costs of a strong conservative attorney in a strong judeo-christian legal organization to help guide her in this matter.
Thank you & God bless,
-Emmanuel Cortes


Update #2
April 9, 2022
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Thank you to everyone who gave & held prayers for my mother.

It is with great sadness that I must report, that yesterday morning (Friday April 8th) Federal crony agents tricked my mother to come out of her house by saying they were city road workers needing her to move her car.

When she exited her home to do so, she was placed in handcuffs, & her autistic daughter (my sister), was taken from the home & given over to the family member we no longer refer to as family, the mayor of the city of Battle Ground Washington.

We believe his first order of business was to take Marisol Cortes to the nearest hospital for evaluation & to get injected with the death jab. We have no more information on Marisol Cortes whereabouts at this time, other than she is with the mayor & probably back at his residence in Battle Ground Washington.

Meanwhile my mother is being held in Grangeville Idaho, at Idaho County jail, the county where she had moved to & was living. Last reports is that she has a court date of May 3rd for a hearing to determine her extradition to Washington State.

I want that to sink in with everyone who reads this. My mother is sitting in an Idaho County jail under the watch of an Idaho County Sheriff who assisted the Federal agents in the arrest. She is in a cell, until a May 3rd hearing for simply being a mother who did not want her autistic daughter to recieve a shot.

Meanwhile across America in many large metropolitan cities, people are allowed to loot up to $900 dollars of merchandise with impunity.

We have arrived at the 4th Reich. Our Constitution is dead, ignored by the corporate State entities, & has turned on it's own people to deprive them of their freedoms & very lives.

I write this saddening update not to ask for more money, but to ask for your prayers & public outrage over this matter. While my mother sits in a cell in Idaho County jail, there is no media attention, no public outcry, no intervention for my sister who will most likely be administered experimental gene therapy.

This country will answer to God's wrath for it's sins.

I pray God finds each of you in good health & safety with your family, Amen.

-Emmanuel Cortes

Update #1
November 4, 2021
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I want to thank everyone for the donations large & small. The outpouring truly leaves us speechless & grateful.

My mother is still in desperate need of an attorney that will fight the good fight for her. 

Our prayer is that through this network someone has a contact of an attorney that will help.

Please spread the word far & wide for anyone willing to take up this legal fight.

Thank you for all your generosity & God bless.


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