In recent months our southern borders are being met with an influx of illegal migration. As you know, these "caravans" are dangerous for the women and children, especially females as you can imagine. We hold no ill will towards these unwitting pawns in a greater scheme to make the United States of America less safe. We have put a small team together to travel our large border collecting interviews from citizens, National Guard, Law enforcement, and immigrants as well as video footage of what is taking place in Texas. We expect more to join us in time.  The main stream media is failing the Americans by ignoring or spreading false information and it is our duty as American citizen to document and bring the truth to the people.                                                                                      This fundraiser is not for profit but to raise money for costs such as food, gas, and hotel costs so we may edit and stream the footage we are collecting.  We will be staying in inexpensive hotels and eating very humbly as to make sure your contributions go as far as we can take them.                                                                             Duncan MacGregor is my close friend and brother and we undertake this mission without hesitation or reservation. Duncan has created close to 200 videos and run a show called Patriot Transition Voice over the last 5 years, Pro Bono.  Information should be free to the public so he has utilized this time to bring the information to you while covering the costs himself. This expedition will cost more than we have so we have had to reach to our Holy Father for guidance and now humble ourselves letting go of personal pride to ask the great people of God and Country for assistance in this journey. Anyone who knows me understands I never ask for anything, even prayers. Duncan is exactly the same. This time is different. We expect to be down on the border for a very long time ( as long as it takes ). If you cant help with a small donations, prayers will be greatly appreciated. We believe that "We The people" are the change that is needed to save this country. Our families understand this and know if not us, then who? We are Christians and patriots who will do what it takes to bring you the unedited and uncensored truth. Once again thank you for any help and God bless you all.                                                                                                                        --- Stan ( TrumpBCool )