My husband is in dire need of oral surgery. Insurance will pay $0 of the $49k bill because dental isn’t covered. He is in need of complete extractions and infection treatment, multiple bone grafts, a sinus cavity lift, and then dental implants. He is not a candidate for dentures because of the shape of his mouth and his sinus cavity sits down into the roof of his mouth. The infection is spread throughout his whole mouth and sinus cavity. Untreated this will lead to more bone loss, sinus cavity collapse, and the spread of infection through his whole head including eyes and brain. And eventually death. We cannot secure a loan as a small business after having such a bad year last year. 

My husband is the type of person who will do anything for anyone he can. Even the smallest bird or mouse in need isn’t ignored by him. He works 7 days a week usually 12 hours a day. We already put so much money into his dental care over the years to try and prevent this but even the specialist say this was unavoidable. I’ve slowly watched his quality of life has diminished to the point he can’t eat, smile, kiss, or talk without pain. I’ve slowly watched his joy for life leave him due to constant pain and embarrassment. 

I’m begging for help for his sakes and so our daughter (5) will know the laughter and smiles of the man I love and adore. For all the events and gatherings he won’t have to miss once this is taken care of. For the years we will be able to continue our work here and for the all future may hold for us.