My name is Steve Bullington. I have a wonderful wife of 20 years and 4 beautiful children.  Emma 18, Reese 13, and twin boys Elijah and Isaac who are 6. This has been a long journey and rough on all of us.. 5 years ago my wife got very sick from mold in a home that we had lived in for 12 years. Things got very bad very quickly and we have been battling ever since. It ruined Megans immune system. 

We've tried multiple doctor's, specialists, naturalists, chiropractors, and more...  No help.. In 2019 she was losing weight really fast, skin was turning Grey, and had lost the ability to walk much at all and had to be in a wheelchair most of the time. So in 2019 we raised enough money through God's grace to go to Envita Medical Center in Scottsdale Arizona for 8 weeks. There they saved her life. They cleaned her blood twice and gave her weeks of IV treatments. We left there knowing that mold was the issue. However we didn't know how bad living in TN was going to be on her as a whole.

In February we moved back to TN to the town I  grew up in. Things were great at first but by July things started going down hill once again. This time tremors came along with the paralyzation. Then later the loss of speech and passing out was added to her list of reactions.We found a mold specialist that started her on multiple meds and 9 months later basically said I've done all I can do for you. You may want to try leaving the state.
Since the start of this journey we have lost everything we owned 3x maybe more. We are now at the point of having to do mold avoidance, a time of healing while aggressively avoiding Biotoxons. Which means traveling.
We tried one more thing in TN. A friend bought some land as an investment and let us clear some land and move a travel trailer on it. It was 160 acres of pine trees, untouched for 14 years. That was a huge fail as the area had the biotoxin throughout. So our next move was to leave the state.

I had to closed my business. We sold what small possessions we had left and hit the road. We joke that God kicked us out of TN with a steel toed boot as we made every effort stay. But He closed all doors.. By this point she was reacting to everything, we only had one vehicle that she could ride in and it was my work vehicle.

When we left on our mold avoidance journey I  had no job. We had less than $900 to our name.. Megan was in the passenger seat curled up like MS ,unable to speak, an was crying from pain.. All we had was a great friend who was going to sell my tool trailer, all the tools, and our suburban that Megan couldn't get near. As well as our friend saying we got this I'll help you all I can.. 

When doing mold avoidance you are living in hotels. Trying to find an area that you feel good in. We use disposable clothing as we ruin the clothes while we detox the stuff in our bodies. So we buy cheap clothes. We get a new shirt each day and shorts/ pants last us 3 days unless we react to them sooner. So through this journey is costing us $8500-$9000 a month. That includes hotel stay, food, fuel, medicine, cell phone bill, insurances, and very minimal other bills.

This journey has had its up and downs but my wife and even kids have made some amazing gains. Megan was on almost $1500 in medicine and supplements.  Now she is down to one medication that costs $500. Her reactions aren't as severe unless we get into toxins. The 3 boys have added in all kinds of foods since leaving. The oldest boy has started growing and gaining weight ,which was a problem he had in TN.

We left in June and God provided me a great paying job that almost funds the journey. However, due to mandates i will definitely losing that job Dec 31st. But maybe sooner.

When we left we thought we had time to replace the truck. We don't. We just tried to go to the store and getting in the truck caused her to lose the ability to speak, lift her legs or keep her eyes open.  So we have to replace the truck as soon as we can since she can no longer ride in ours.

We are asking for money to help with purchasing a new vehicle as well as continuing this journey as we have probably another 6 months in hotels left. Then we move on to a rental or something like that.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. 

Steve Bullington
Megan Bullington