Elisabeth and Anthony need our Help and Prayers

Campaign Created by: Kristie Tassone

The funds from this campaign will be received by Elisabeth Childers.

Goal : USD $8,000
Raised : USD $ 3,330

Elisabeth is my sweet niece and goddaughter.  She and her husband Anthony are expecting their first child, a baby girl, who is due in January 2022. 
Things were going really well until last Saturday, October 16th.  Elisabeth and Anthony were in a bad car accident when a young driver broadsided their car.  The accident was not their fault and was extreme enough that it deployed the all the airbags.
Anthony tried to stop the impact of the airbag on Elisabeth who is 29 weeks pregnant.  He did help some but the result is that Elisabeth's placenta has detached a bit and has a significant enough hole in it that she is now ordered to complete bed rest. ?.  Also, Anthony has one confirmed fracture in his wrist and possibly two more.  They are waiting on further testing with the orthopedic doc to confirm.
Elisabeth is a Special Ed teacher and now is unable to work.  The goal is to keep her baby girl in as long as possible!  She needs to be as stress free as she can right now too.  Elisabeth is the sole income earner in their household and carries the health insurance through her employment.  Her husband, Anthony, is diagnosed with a rare degenerative heart disease called arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia along with having a blood clot on the brain so he unable to work at this time.
To make matters worse (as if it could be) the car they were driving is their only vehicle and the insurance companies are dragging their feet on getting the repairs started. 
I am putting this campaign together to try to help them both keep up with their bills as we all know those bills just keep on coming regardless of our tragedies.
Any help is appreciated and ALL prayers are welcomed.?


Update #4
January 12, 2022
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It’s been a bit since the last update and so much has happened!  On January 6th, 2022, Elisabeth delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl!  Her name is Noel Blake and she weighed 9 pounds, 7 ounces!  Elisabeth was excellent following doctor’s orders in order to keep Miss Noel put for the longest amount of time possible!  Elisabeth was not able to return to her teaching job and will not be back for 6 to 8 weeks.  Thanks to all who have prayed for them all!  It worked!❤️🙏😊

They had a scare on the day they were being released to go home. Anthony had a mild heart attack and ended up in the emergency room.  He was stabilized and they were all able to go home as a family.  Anthony is still vulnerable due to his heart condition.  Prayers please that he will experience healing!🙏🙏

At this time, Elisabeth will still be receiving paychecks but they will be reduced from this point til the end of the school year.  To make matters a little more difficult, Anthony was completely laid off from his job as his employment found someone else to work while he was healing.  This will make making ends meet a bit more difficult for them.

So, at this time, they are still asking for your prayers first and foremost!  Secondly, if you are still able to help financially that is so appreciated too.  Both Elisabeth and Anthony are still healing from childbirth (Elisabeth), the accident (Anthony’s arm), Anthony’s heart issues, and loss of income (both).

Grateful for you all!  Your prayers and financial help gave peace to Elisabeth and Anthony!❤️

Update #3
November 25, 2021
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Thank you again everyone for all the love, prayers and support given to and for Elisabeth, Anthony and Baby C!  ❤️❤️  Wanted to give the latest info.  Elisabeth is still on bed rest.  Good news is that the hole and detachment are still the same size. So glad that Baby C is staying put.  Bad news is that Elisabeth has been officially informed by her doctor that she definitely cannot go back to work until after the baby is born.  Elisabeth is also now having Braxton Hicks contractions so asking for prayers for those to subside. 🙏🙏. 
Anthony is holding his own but the doctor is still carefully watching his arm.  Also, prayers for it to heal proper.🙏🙏
Still asking for prayers for them and any support you can give at this time as their income has been greatly affected and will for sometime.
Thank you all!  So overwhelmed by the support that has been given so far!💜💜


Update #2
November 6, 2021
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Thank you again everyone for all the love, prayers and donations that you all have blessed Elisabeth and Anthony with! They are also very much appreciated!❤️
An update on them both:
First, Elisabeth passed the 30 week mark!  Still trying to keep Baby C in as long as possible!  The baby is still doing great!  The hole in and detachment of the placenta are still the same but no worse!  Elisabeth is still on bed rest and not able to return to work.  Elisabeth has developed gestational diabetes but praying with a change in diet, she'll  
keep that in check!  
Second, Anthony has had an MRI to further assess his arm and he has several trabecular fractures and a partial ligament tear.  They are casting for now and hoping for no surgery. ?
And lastly, Elisabeth's car is a total!  So, they will need to get another car to replace it.  So, an expense that is unexpected since you know how other insurance companies pay out and add in the skyrocketing prices of cars these days.
Thank you again for your generous prayers and help! It is so appreciated!
Please, first and foremost, continue to pray that Baby C stays healthy and right where she needs to be.  Please also pray for Anthony's health too.??

Update #1
October 27, 2021
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Thank you everyone for all the love, prayers and help that Elisabeth and Anthony have been blessed with so far! ❤️
I wanted to post an update.
First, God is good and the baby is holding steady!  There's no change in the hole in the placenta and detachment, but Baby C is still healthy!  She still needs to stay put and mature more in the next few weeks!  Elisabeth is on strict bed rest!  Which she has been doing.
Second, the insurance companies are still messing around about her car getting fixed!  Please pray that they get their acts together soon as they have no vehicle to get Elisabeth back and forth to doctor visits which are twice a week and to go get any basic needs.  Or, just in case of emergency.
Thank you again and God bless!


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