Loving Memory of Anali

Friends and fellows of mine, friends fellows of Anali,  it is time for us to come together and honor the life and memories we hold of our dear friend. 
Most of her family was no longer a part of her life, but she was loved deeply by her sister,  myself and so many more. Sadly, she did not always see this. Sadly also, is that we did not all get to see the best of Anali either. 
I did. It was the happiest time I've ever experienced, a love I never believed could exist.. I got to witness how wonderful she was.
it is my wish to share with you all,, a glimpse at how talented,, bright,, and positively beautiful she was in her heart and soul,, in the form of a memorial service and a display of all her artwork, poetry,, photos. I want us all to see and believe she has a legacy in our great community.
I need your help to make this happen. A  memorial service, a place to gather and display her artwork, and all the other expenses that involves.


Update #2
December 20, 2021
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Anali's memorial service is planned for Jan 11. More details to come.

Update #1
November 10, 2021
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As I'm still going through a great amount of emotional turmoil, and still learning how to grieve,, things are slow going, but getting done one step, one day at a time. 
the expected date will be early December. 
Please, continue to pass this along. The more eyes that see it, the more prayers, no donation is too small.


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