My military daughter is preparing for what will happen in 58 days, when she receives an article 92, AKA court martial, for refusing to get vaccinated (see below for her comments on the topic).  When this happens, she may be dishonorably discharged, lose her career, and her pension.  She will also lose transportation for the dog “Auggie”, which she rescued from an abusive home while stationed in Italy. 
We are looking for funding to get Auggie back to the states. We have been pricing out getting the dog shipped back to the states, and the cost is prohibitive, especially for someone who is going to be without a job pretty soon. And the fact that the dog is an English bulldog makes the cost so much worse, since the under-cabin pressure has been known to kill them (respiratory issues) and therefore they must be on specific flights.
My daughter is struggling to deal with how her future is going to look and the stress of knowing she can no longer care for this sweet dog is tearing her up.  Please help Aggie get to the states where we can give her a happy forever home.   

* I have personally been vaccinated, so at first I couldn’t understand why my daughter would risk her whole future over this. Her decision came about after watching two of her friends fight for their lives after getting the vaccine. She says there are many others, but those two she knew personally, and the military refuses to admit the vaccine had anything to do with these healthy people suddenly having fatal blood clots, and damaged hearts. So they are simply hiding them in military hospitals and not sharing that these are people who were healthy until given the vaccine. She says they can’t afford to, because if they don’t get everyone vaccinated, they will not receive their funding. However this is not about the vaccine, or politics, or who is right or wrong. This is about an amazing dog, who has been put in a bad situation due to human politics she has no part of. She needs help, so please help us help her.