The Harp Family:
Lyndsey (mom) & Justin (dad)
Children - Paisley, Teagan and Sawyer
3 dogs - 11 chickens - 2 ducks - 1 guinea pig - and saltwater fish

As many of you are aware, COVID has hit the entire Harp Family in a significant way, resulting in Lyndsey & Harp (Justin) being rushed in an ambulance to NE GA Medical Center in Gainesville.  To say that this was a scary scene, would be an understatement. More than anything, the kids were, and are, terrified. 

Lyndsey and Harp are currently in separate rooms in very serious condition and cannot even talk to or see each other. Imagine how scared they are for each other and even more importantly, their children.  They are fighting with everything they have and all that God provides. Paisley, Teagan and Sawyer have had many ups and downs and this stress is affecting their health as well. The Harp's family and friends are really pulling together to help in every way possible. This team effort and love for them has been more than amazing. It is uncertain on how long they will be in the hospital and once they are home they will certainly have an extended recovery period.  Once God sees it fit for them to return home, the next level of challenges will begin.

While the Harp's are in the hospital and thereafter, the bills will continue to pile up. As most of you know, Lyndsey is a real estate agent and only makes money when she is closing on the sale of properties. Lord knows, when she will be back at it. Harp works in the HVAC field as a technician. Imagine the difficulty of loosing his revenue and how long it may be before he can effectively get back to his profession. While these two amazing people fight for their lives and their family, the bills will continue to pile up.  Any money raised will go directly to the Harp's account to be used by family who are caring for the children while Lyndsey & Justin are in the hospital as well as paying utility bills, medical bills, etc.

How do we help?
Naturally, we will all provide our prayers, our support, our love, our time and our help around their house and with their beautiful children. Beyond this, we need to dig deep and do whatever we can to minimize their financial burden. Anything we can lift off of their shoulders, will help them to focus on recovery and getting back to being those goofball, big hearted folks who we all love!