Take Back Our Schools-GCS which is a 501(c)4, has started fundraising for Guilford County School families that believe they need legal counsel to fight for the rights of their children.  Taking a stand with these families we hope will help prevent additional children from being hurt in the future.  We at TakeBack believe in paying it forward and standing together as one.  In cases where the family's legal action is successful, they will pay it forward to help future families who will need legal counsel. 

~ On August 20th, 2021, a 14 year old Guilford County School student was directed, buy GCS, to a designated high school for a required COVID test per GCS COVID guidelines due to a COVID exposure on his high school football team.  The student was then administered a COVID shot without his or his parent's consent.  The family has secured an attorney and needs help with funds to take the case to court in hopes of preventing this from ever happening to anyone else's child. 

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.