Stand Against Mandates

Campaign Created by: Mandate For Freedom

The funds from this campaign will be received by KIMBERLY STAHL.

Goal : USD $50,000
Raised : USD $ 27,029

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We are raising money to fund lawsuit against the Governor and her abuse of power when she mandated masks on our kids! This is a transparent cause for us all and there is no brand loyalty here but one, all of our children. 

There’s an old saying, “it takes a village,” and we, as a collective fundamentally believe there’s never been a more important moment than this one for us to unite as a community and a republic in the United and peaceful fight for our children, together.  

Stay tuned and get pumped NYS- we’re gonna protect the children- PERIOD! 

The State is going to be and should be reminded the power is with the People and our children are an extension of our bodies as their guardians, not theirs! 


December 28, 2021
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We took our first stand today against the State; bringing a powerful lawsuit in Supreme Court. With dozens of children’s voices, about ten different legal grounds to invalidate the “mask directive”, and the core principles of the Constitution on our side; we stand on solid ground. But this is going to be a long, difficult, legal battle. It requires tremendous effort, and time. In addition, the attack on our children isn’t over. On December 23, 2021, the DOH made new "emergency" rules for “heightened testing” protocols in schools. YOU can immediately help by donating whatever amount you can. If everyone donated an amount equal to a round of drinks, or a night out, then I’ll be able to hit back with the force required. Surely, our children and democracy are worth it.
Folks, we are facing the greatest internal threat to OUR democracy, in the 233 years since New York joined the United States. For almost two years we’ve been ruled by the executive branch. The DOH "directives" are unlawful and unconstitutional.
More details to follow.


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