Dani Lou is a 5 yr old little girl. She was in an auto accident in 2019 and was paralized from the neck down. She is a fighter, and she and her family love God. The The family is the parents, Dani, and her two siblings. They have asked for little but especially now they are in great need. Dani needs frequent visits to Drs and specialists. They cannot afford to purchase a vehicle capable of carrying a wheelchair. Her father must take off from his job on a regular basis to assist in getting Dani in and out of their current vehicle, and to and from these visits. It is crushing them financially and is causing great hardship on the whole family. I'm am asking for donations to help purchase a van capable of transporting Dani in her chair. I trust that God will provide for this little girl. Please donate if the holy spirit moves you. I'm also asking for prayers for this family.