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Hello Fellow Patriots,

The purpose of this page is to raise money for my buddy Jeff McKellop, so he gets the fair trial that he rightfully deserves.

In the present moment, Jeff is currently one of the many American loyalists being incarcerated for his "alleged" actions that occured on January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Like millions of other Americans across our nation that day, Jeff was "embittered" and "distressed" about the "nefarious" acts that were taking place during the elections that had ultimately led up to that unforgettable and dreadful day.

With that being said, he also made the last minute, implusive decision to get in his car that day, and drive up to D.C. to show his full support for his nation and our President, Donald Trump.

Later that day when he arrived, like many other patriots, he followed the masses to the Capitol, and found himself near the frontline.

As the day went on, the crowd got restless, and thats when the Capitol Police began throwing the tear gas out at the masses..

Jeff got caught up in the juncture, and "allegedly" pushed, grabbed, and threw a stick at the police.

This was the so-called "alleged" intensity of what he "allegedly" did on that fateful day.

These "supposed" actions put a target on Jeffs head in the weeks to follow.

He was then "alerted" by colleagues, that he was on the FBI's wanted list, and rightfully turned himself in with no hesitation.

And naturally, like anyone else in his situation, Jeff thought this would be quickly taken care of without a problem or any second thoughts about it.

With that being said, this is where things took an unlawful, inequitable, and inferior turn for him and many others that day.

Unknowingly, to Jeffs surprise "they" (media and the Capital Police) contrived "claims" that he was some "leader" of a "radical right wing group", and that he was "leading" and "orchestrated" the attack on the Capitol that day.

They also made "allegations" that he was a "White Supremist", and that he was there that day for the purpose of "overthrowing" our government.  


I will tell you this, I have known Jeff for 21 years and I know for a "FACT" that none of what they are "asserting" about Jeff is legitimate!

Jeff is the "EPITOME" of an "AMERICAN PATRIOT"

This "noble" man has served his country for nearly 30 years!

Most of that time was spent away from his family in a combat zone serving, protecting, and sacrificing his life for our great nation.

In addition, Jeff also served in some of the the Army's most "Elite" Groups!

To name a few, the 101st Airborne Division, 2nd Ranger Batallion, 3rd Special Forces Group, and then as a civilian supporting OGA's overseas.

It is "REVOLTING" and "SHAMEFUL" on how he is being "REPRESENTED" and "CHARECTERIZED!"

Before January 6, 2021, Jeff was labeled a "PATRIOTIC HERO" and now they are deeming him a "TERRORIST" and a "HIGH" threat to society.

All of this "NONSENSE" because the "CURRENT" Administration is creating a "FALSE" narrative about the Jan 6th rally and those involved for political gain.

Jeff has "EVERY" right to be enraged with our government and their dubious actions on the way he has been mistreated over all of this!

He has the "RIGHT" to protest our government based on his "alleged" actions that day!

"WHY is he in jail locked down 23 hrs a day????"

That's right, Jeff is "LOCKED" in his cell 23 hours a day!!

"WHY did members of "ANTIFA" and "BLM" not get this same treatment when they were rioting and burning cities down across our country????"

Many of the "ANTIFA" and "BLM" protesters viciously "ASSAULTED" police officers, but they got a "FREE PASS" or "BAILED" out of jail by celebrities!
Jeff is an "EXCEPTIONAL" Friend,

"FAITHFUL" Patriot,

and "DEVOTED" and "LOVING" Father.

Since Jeffs incarceration, his life has been totally obliterated!

He is currently going though a bitter divorce,
he has lost his honorable and highly respected job,
all his savings has been spent trying to find genuine attorneys to represent him,
and his two kids are experiencing extreme hardships from the backlash of this traumatic day from their peers at school.

Overall, Jeff is also having a tough time finding an attorney in the DC area that would represent him aggressively and by being unbiased.

The most "CRUCIAL" thing that Jeff needs "RIGHT NOW", is a "PATRIOTIC" attorney that "BELIEVES" in our Constitution and is "NOT" afraid to "FIGHT" for Jeff's constitutional rights!  

Unfortunately, there are many attorneys out there that "CAN" and "WILL" help Jeff, but they are "VERY"  expensive, so I am "ASKING" you, Patriotic Americans to "PLEASE" help Jeff by "DONATING" to this fund.

This fund will "ALLOW" Jeff to afford the legal representation that he "DESPERATELY" needs! 

"PLEASE" help us get him "OUT" of there and get him represented the "Right" Way!

Let's show our  American hero and Fellow Patriot that we stand by him all the way!



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