I truly don't know where else to turn.  I have prayed and I trusted God would lead me in the right direction and at 2 a.m. I found this site
 I' have  lived where I am for the past 18 years after leaving a bad marriage and walking away from my home,  I was fortunate when a friend allowed me to move in here.  I paid my share worked from home since I have no vehicle,  and have never needed help.  The homeowner has decided to sell home because of a change in employment and has given me the opportunity of purchasing for $10,000.   Herein lies the problem.  We had limbs fall on the roof and had no idea of the damage that was happening. Several months ago the entire ceiling in the bathroom collapsed also in several rooms and now the kitchen is starting to do the same. There's black mold everywhere.   I don't have credit card debt but I do have one collection account due to a sudden onset of acute angle closure glaucoma several years ago that led to losing vision in one eye and 50% in the other.   I was unable to work during that time so the account was charged off.   Before the pandemic I was starting to make payments on the house, but the last year-and-a-half coukd handle everyday expenses but no more.   I can't expect or ask them to hold off with selling any longer my plan is to hopefully come up with enough money to clean the mold, repair ceilings and patch the roof to be able to get the house appraised and hopefully get a loan to pay for the remainder then I can gradually make other repairs as I go along.   I am planning to take the test to become an enrolled agent with the IRS , but for now I'm doing anything to make money.  I've called agencies applied through different resources and can't get help.  This is the home I've  known,   I can walk to the store,  I know my neighbors and I feel safe.   I'd be terrified to live alone somewhere else.  I feel shame for asking when our vets are homeless and people are starving and going through worse situations than me.   I'm grateful for what I have and normal times I always help anyone  when I can and will continue to do so. Any donations received I will keep a record of and will pay back every cent.   I believe in hard work and would never ask for help but I'm desperate to keep the only home I've had.   I  can do without anything and have done so desperately trying to work this out.   I'm grateful for any help or any donations,  if no one feels like this is worthy I understand.   I have to trust God has a different plan although I have nowhere else to go I still have to have faith. Thank you for taking the time to read my story I can provide pictures to anyone to verify the conditions I have described God bless everyone and I pray for everyone's health and safety