You are hereby placed on notice of your lawful duty to act on the information presented to you.   Imminent death and physical injury is ongoing.  Everyone’s lives are in jeopardy and it is a miscarriage of justice to not investigate crimes reported to you.  

You are truant, absent, and derelict in your duties.   There are real human lives at stake here.   Physical injuries and death have occurred because of the ongoing conspiracy against rights.   I do not take my duty before God of delivering this notification lightly.   I have prayed and sought solutions via multiple different channels.  This is in no way a preclusion from any additional charges that can be levied against any co-conspirators or any novel extradictatorial capabilities of myself or my fellow Anchorites.   

I ask those who can read these words or who will hear the sound of my voice tonight at the Loussac Library Chambers tonight in Anchorage, Alaska.   Please, please heed my warning.   Arrest the unlawful actors.

You are hereby lawfully ordered and heretofore directed to disseminate all of this information to every single one of the direct reports who serve under your authority or any delegation of power.   All Municipal employees must receive the messaging and this notice to cease and desist any promotions of the bioweapon jabs from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, BioNtech, or any other company manufacturing bioweapons with the intent to physically injure, disable, and kill in there quest of genocide of the human race.