The things we’re going through in this country is simply unbelievable. We got to this point due to a lack of knowledge, education and Patriotism. With my help (and a publisher of course) my son (Gianni 9yrs old) is going to be moving forward with writing illustrated books for young Patriots. We will start a fundraiser so that we can get this show on the road sooner than later. The first book will focus on the Constitution, the reason it was created, the Great people involved in its creation and how we can use it today to help us in these trying times. The real beauty in it is the fact that it’s written by a young Patriot for other young Patriot’s to actually understand it and be able to use it to their advantage in the future. Our children are the future, we need them actually educated, not indoctrinated!!! The second book will focus on human trafficking and what they as children can do to make sure they do not put themselves in dangerous situations by exposing the many ways children get reeled in by these SICKOS. I would love to be able for him to just get started on it right now but unfortunately things that are necessary to do so cost money, and lots of it. We do not want to do a here today gone tomorrow kind of operation, we want to keep it going with many future books. The Young Patriot Adventure Books will be a fun exciting way for our children to be educated where it matters most. Please help Gianni reach the amount needed so that we can get your children reading material that’s essential for the future of our Republic. Much Love To You All And God Bless!!!