On January 18, 2021, my brother Alex was arrested by our government for attending the Jauary 6 'Stop the Steal' rally.  Alex was not violent during the Capitol protest & was not there with any malicious intent.  His story will ultimately be told but sadly, at this time, no details may be discussed.  Even though the media is reporting their false narrative of the details of that day, they are grossly misrepresenting the reality.  Let me tell you about my brother...

Alex is a United States Marine.  He served in Iraq & Afghanistan with the Infantry. He was honorably discharged and is a 100% disabled combat veteran.  Post service, Alex & a fellow Marine, began a search & rescue non profit group called 'Rescue the Universe' .  They have gone all over the country into dire situations, including tornados & hurricanes, and where most would flee, they were able to go in and successfully pull people to safety. His current situation has resulted in the VA looking to take away his disability benefits.  It also has caused the search & rescue non profit from moving forward.  Alex has a heart to help people.  He has no criminal background, however, the FBI pulled a full SWAT raid at 5:30am, bust down his door, flash banged him & his dog TWICE.  Alex & his dog were sound asleep when this happened, and this not only traumatized Alex, but his dog, Opie, has not been the same since.  

Alex has a hard time asking for help however his legal fees, legal fines, the unnecessary damage to his home, and loss of income have left him struggling, both financially & emotionally.  He was incarcerated for over 100 days, booked into 5 jails over this time and is currently under very strict house arrest.  A veteran with no history of violence deserves much better than this!  Anything you can give to help would be graciously accepted & appreciated.

God Bless & Thank you