I am in had an internal sinus surgery several years ago in which they straightened my septum on the inside, but the doctor made a mistake and the valve inside has collapsed and the internal walls of my nose are sitting compressed closed and I have trouble breathing! I already have restrictive and non- restrictive lung disease so this creates a definite problem with my breathing. The former doctor  went up way too far and my turbinates are extremely swollen. Also this collapse has caused the tip of my nose to drop and I lost cartilage and the end of my hose and I need donor cartilage to rebuild the end of my nose. My nose has also become thin and you can see that I have an external deviation of the Septum that is recommended to be corrected as well by the ENT/ surgeon. The second thing I am needing to raise money for is a panniculectomy, basically the excess removal of skin on my stomach. I have lost more than 150 pounds and it has left me with more than 6 inches of excess skin which causes deep cuts to form in my skin and rashes. It looks like I have been cut open by a scalpel yet my insurance has a complete exclusion for any type of plastic surgery no matter if medically necessary! I recently became divorced and my only income is alimony because I suffer from 4 different Autoimmune immune diseases which cause me to be in pain 24 hours a day. I am under doctors care each month for pain, and every six months by a Rheumatologist and my Family Physician. Beginning 2023 I will no longer have alimony or health insurance per the arrangement I made to get out of my marriage. Any donations that you can give will be greatly appreciated.