Hi, I am in a situation where I have to move from my apartment that I've lived in for almost 8 years. I have had a roommate for the whole time and he has decided to move to another state. The rent here continuously keeps rising and I can not stay here on my own. I became disabled a few years ago and I am on disability. I simply don't make enough to pay for the typical first months rent and deposit (I can do one, just unfortunately, not both), plus the cost of getting a truck to move my belongings. Also, pretty much everything in the apartment is his, so I would have absolutely no furniture, except for my bed and no kitchen supplies. I dislike asking for help, however I'm extremely stressing over this issue and I have nowhere else to turn to, nor anyone to turn to. I just simply don't know what else to do at this point. I've tried getting government assistance, but its taking so long and I have to leave on Oct. 1st. I'd be more than happy to show receipts for anything that is donated.