Parents don’t expect or want to hear any bad news at their doctor’s visit. At week 19 we found out that baby Salem had been diagnosed with Spina Bifida. A rare birth congenital defect of the spine in which part of the spinal cord and its meninges are exposed through a gap in the backbone. Symptoms can sometimes be seen on the skin above the spinal defect resulting in protruding spinal cord tissue. It may be extreme or mild and can affect her ability to walk or having any feeling in the legs, brain swelling, and in some circumstances brain damage. We were clueless as to why all the ultrasound pictures only showed her upper body. The specialist in Lubbock were going to send us to The Children’s Hospital in Houston but found out we were not candidates due to Sophie(first daughter) being delivered early. So now the next option is for Salem to go into surgery within 24 hours after she is born. There will be a Neurosurgeon that will operate on her spine to reduce the effects of the defect and hopefully help increase her mobility and reduce the need for a cerebral shunt. We are currently sitting at 25 weeks so we are hoping Salem will continue to develop healthy in all other areas until we reach at least full term at 37 weeks. Even though 12 weeks seems far away, we are doing what we can to overprepare for what’s to come. Treatment can help but there is no cure for Spina Bifida. Salem will most likely have to attend many Physical Therapy sessions growing up and could possibly need walking aids in the future. 

We stand here today in faith and we step out on a limb to get the fruit, believing that God will give us this blessing of Healing in Salems's life.

Anyone who knows us knows how much we love and care on Sophie and know we are going to give just as much to baby Salem no matter what. For the few that have known have asked how they can help and the best gift is PRAYER. Any donations will be used for Salem’s medical care and stretch of unpredictable times to come. We are forever grateful for your prayers and  blessings.

Specific prayer request: a safe, successful surgery & recovery for Dev and baby Salem, continued healing for baby Salem during remainder of pregnancy and after birth, precision & wisdom for the UMC and TTUHC medical team as they repair baby’s spine, for a full term pregnancy (37 weeks), baby’s mental & physical strength, and strength for Devin and Salem as they navigate this road to healing. 

Thank you for all your love and support friends and family.