My name is Daphnee Cardoza, and I am a second-year student in the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies at Sonoma State University. As a liberal study major with a concentration in human development, I plan to become a special education teacher. Recently, out of a global pool of students, I was awarded an opportunity to study abroad in Denmark for the year 2021-22. The program selects only one thousand students each year, and this year I am fortunate enough to have been chosen. Specifically designed for studying education across different cultures, the Child Development and Diversity Program at DIS involves a year of intensive study in Denmark. This is a tremendous opportunity and I am excited to learn more about early development, specifically for children with special needs, so that I am better prepared for my career as a special education teacher and community advocate. I am asking for financial support for this year-long program as studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity, however quite expensive. The out-of-pocket expense is over $30,000 and I have sold my car and have been working two jobs to reach this goal. I recognize this is a great investment into my future as a teacher and advocate for special needs students.