Stray cats and dogs sterilization

Hi everyone,
my name is Bogdan, I'm 25 and I live in a small village in Romania, near Valcea. I'm asking for this financial support because my country has a big problem with stray animals and I'd like to do something against it. I know I can't change the world by myself but I certainly also know that with a little help I can change some stray animals life. With the donation I will provide to sterilize two female cats and two female dogs that I'm feeding since October 2020, when I came home from Italy after living there for 15 years. One of the cats had five little kitties three weeks ago, so now I have more souls to care of. I have already took photo of them so I can try to find them a home. Both the adult cats and dogs actually have where to stay, the only thing they need is food, healthcare and love. The dogs live near a local bar in an abandoned house, the cats live in the garret of it. Happily they get along very well. Unfortunately I can't take home any of them since I already have three dogs and five cats. I asked for help at two local animal foster house but none of them answered my emails and messages. I even asked for permission to put a jar with donations at the local bar and happily they agreed; the sad thing is that in three days no one, except for me and some friends, donated not even a penny yet. Please help me to sterilize these animals, each female sterilization costs 100 Lei (around 25 euros). I can afford to feed them daily and give them some playtime, I just need a little help from you to change their life in better.
If anyone is interested to check their progress (or eventually adopt one) just write me at , I'll be happy to share their story.

Sincerely, thank you


Update #1
November 23, 2021
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Thanks to a donor we managed to raise some money that are used to provide food for an association wich provides help, sterilization & shelter to dogs and cats. I also managed to adopt 1 more cat (help me I'm invaded lol), sterilized 2 female cats, found house to 3 kittens, sterilized a female dog. I am so gratefull to the people wich helped me and I'm looking forward to do more for these animals! Thanks you! I hope you have even a small idea how gratefull and happy I am for your help! Stay safe, love <3


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