Abandoned emaciated Blue Lacy pup needs your help

Campaign Created by: Kristen Barber
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Goal : $2,000

Raised : $2,325

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At 5-6 months old, this sweet girl has had a rough start. She made her way to the steps of a kind animal lover  that gave her a safe place to stay for the night. The amazing community love led this sweet girl to my care for the next night until we could find a rescue to help with her vet care. 
She has now been to a vet...which is the reason for this plea. Not only is she emaciated, she has a fractured hip that is not a new injury 😔. She's been pulling herself around with her tiny frail body, with a broken hip! Thankfully, she is HW- !! She will be seen by an orthopedic dr soon, to determine if FHO surgery is next. Despite all of that, she is so sweet...her personality comes out each day! She was so grateful to have a soft bed to sleep on (& a tennis ball to push around 😊) & food she didn't have to search for, but her recovery is going to be long.
If you have it in your heart to donate - the funds will go directly to her care. I am not registered as a 501c3 (yet) so its not tax deductible. I am just a dog lover/rescuer that wants the best for those that others have discarded. 
Thank you to all of this community for contributing in one way or another...it warms my heart ❤
- Kris Barber


Update #4
June 17, 2021
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This sweet little pup amazes me every day! She is phased by nothing & is always wagging her tail :). She has an appt at TAMU with an orthopedic dr on June 28th. If she has put on enough weight between now & then, & consult determines surgery is the next step, thats what will happen, right then. My concern is nerve damage & the muscle atrophy in her leg. We'll see - maybe she can do some water therapy to help build muscle back up. Shes a fighter, so whatever the outcome, she'll be her happy, silly "cooing for attention" self 🥰
In the meantime...again....my sincerest thank yous to everyone that has followed her progress & donated to her care! I can't thank you enough ❤

Update #3
June 12, 2021
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So Lacy went to see Dr. Gilbert at FC today to go over records from the last vet. She has not only a fractured hip, but it is dislocated & her pelvis has a broken piece. She has a fungal infection on her face & ear - should clear up quickly with mometamax. Dr. Gilbert forwarded her records to A&M for a consult & more than likely, FHO surgery to correct the dislocation & give her some relief. Biggest concern for the hip is nerve damage. Until we get to A&M, we'll be working on fattening this little girl up! She gained 2 pounds in less than 2 days 🤗...on a scale of 1-9 for body weight, 9 being best...she's a 2. Hoping to correct that slowly but surely!
Thank you for your support! ❤

Update #2
June 9, 2021
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Little one is back at the Barber house & I'm starting to see a puppy emerge from her frail body! She LOVES toys, esp with squeakers & nylabones! She tries to play, but her backend is just too weak - but she's getting stronger day by day!  She still struggles being left alone (howling that would break your heart!) but she is settling in again. 
I am calling various vets for orthopedic referrals so we know how to proceed with her hip. For now, she's on pain meds & food 4 times a day. I'll let yall know how the ortho appt goes when we pick one! ❤

Update #1
June 8, 2021
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The rescue that I understood was going to help this sweet pup, backed out. She is coming back to stay with me until long term arrangements are made. Pictures & updates coming soon. 


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