Hello My name is Josh and I want to tell you alittle bit about my grandma. My grandma Dianna is a wonderful and devoted Christian who has served our wonderful lord since the day she was born 74 years ago.During her lifetime she raised not only her own two children but a stepchild she considers her own and myself her grandchild. My mother has had several strokes and is wheelchair bound and unable to move her body other than her head and arms. So as you can see even at 74 grandma is caring for others still. Earlier this year I had a pretty bad panic attack with some issues from bi polar disorder and have required appropriate medication and counseling and would like to say I am doing wonderful and back to normal however this incident had left me temporarily out of work and no income coming in. My wonderful grandma has stepped up and taken on yet another person. During all these hardships she has gotten very far behind on utilities and left unable to pay her back taxes. I think after all she's done she deserves a small break and god spoke to me and said it's ok to ask for help and she deserves it so here we are.. anything and everything is appreciated I understand times are tough. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!