Our friend Brad Bennett, just like other patriotic conservatives who cherish America and freedom for all people, has recently been the target of the ongoing singling out by government surrounding the President's event in January.  

From fake news media smears to hurt businesses and extreme arrests, this madness is what's happening as we speak.  
Veterans, well regarded family men and women  respected community & Christian leaders like Brad are facing these troubles now.  
  Surely, the case is ongoing and cannot be discussed in detail, but he urgently needs our support.  

    For years, especially the last year of sharing, Brad specifically has worked so hard empowering patriots to learn what's happening to civil rights, primarily only against the right side politically. 

He has always taught making a difference, through education, prayer and always peaceful means.  

He's being treated as though he's an enemy to America, which couldn't be further from the truth we all know and see.  

Please pray for God to favor him and vindicate him. 
Join us as we financially support his costly legal defense right now.  

May God richly bless you for standing up for what's right and also standing by men of God, who are on the right side of history.  

Update:  Brad will be released and working through this case.  
He is extremely humbled and thankful by the outpouring of love and support by amazing people with such character.  God is faithful always.

Devoted, loyal friends of a Brad Bennett, a man of God whom loves people and his country.