Along with the growing concern in the medical world about the negative health effects of vaping, my concern for my teenage children and their friends who vape CBD products also was growing last year. In the process of investigating the CBD industry, I discovered the only true Full-Spectrum CBD is also chemical free and can be produced with almost 0% waste.

I have since received a patent issued on a machine to make Hemp derived Hashish at an industrial scale. Myself and a crew of 6 believers have now created over 15 recipes for various products that allow consumers to get the full benefit of all natural, chemical free CBD. While proving our products last year, we have several customers that state that only our full spectrum CBD products was effective in eliminating migraines, resolving skin conditions, aiding better sleep, and others.

As an organization Cosmic Cowboys Extractions is partnering with small farmers that are not large enough for the big industry players to consider, and offering a flexible pricing schedule for our distributors so that they can have local economic consideration in their disparate locations. In these ways and others I look to have the Cosmic Cowboys Extractions story documented and used to help restore conservativism and capitalism in the great USA.