Please help me fight for our American rights and save all small businesses hard earned dreams. The govt has strong armed us, threatened us, and come after us. We are taking a STAND and the legal battle ahead of us will be long and tough. We appreciate ALL your support in every way! 

UPDATE 1/9/2021
I have filed a lawsuit against Democrat governor Kate Brown, and all the organizations she utilized to harass and bully me for opening my business. I am suing her personally and as a governor. I am suing Oregon OSHA, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Health Licensing and Department of HUman Services for coming after my children.

TYRANNY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!! I hope that with this lawsuit, we set a precedence in court, and illegal lockdowns and mandates will no longer be allowed. Thank you for your undying support!!!

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Instagram: @reallindseygraham ( I sell fun Patriot Barbie and American apparel here, and all proceeds are going to my legal fight!!)

****Please note that I always try to keep my website updated. You can find the COMPLETE lawsuit PDF on and i will update my youtube often as well.

Thank you for your moral support and for standing by me during this difficult and emotional time as I embark on what will no doubt be the hardest thing I’ll ever do, and with all of America counting on it. 
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