My good friend and coworker of about 10 years had to hear the dreaded word, "cancer" this week. Junior is a stranger to no one and a friend to everyone. He has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone, but now he could use our help. He has many more upcoming tests and eventually treatments to combat this illness. Unfortunately, his ability to continue working as he has been is uncertain at this time. What is certain however, is that he will miss some work and will have many copays, travel expenses and many other extra expenses. 

If you know Junior at all, you know that he uses humor in any situation, good or bad. There have been so many times that he has cheered me up on tough days and reminded me that everything doesn't have to be so serious. I've spoken with him a couple times over the past few days and of course he still has his humor, but I know it's difficult. It’s now my turn to lift him up. 

Junior would never ask for anything, so I have decided to start this fundraiser on his behalf, with his permission. He has a long road ahead of him but he has faith that the Lord will see him through this. Please pray for Junior. Pray for healing, comfort and endurance as he's at the beginning of this potentially long road. If you feel lead, please contribute what you can to help lessen his financial burdens. I am lucky to call Junior my good friend, my lunch buddy, my “JV team” partner, my brother from another mother and my work husband. We love you, Junior and I'm looking forward to seeing you pull through this so we can get back to our normal silliness! 

Isaiah 40:31 
But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.