We never thought we would have to ask for handouts in our life but here we are. I recently lost my job due to covid shutting down the business I worked at. I didn't want to collect unemployment because I wanted to keep it there for the families that are truly in dire need and I also figured I could make ends meet by doing some delivery service but our car started having problems and we just don't have the money to fix it right now. We planned on joining our fellow patriots to dispute the election results, we were so mad that it was stolen from us, but we were unable to since we had no transportation to it. When it rains it pours they say. I have prayed to our Lord and savior for guidance and I just can't seem to find it yet. I am a loving man who takes pride in caring for his family and I have come here asking for help in achieving that. Any little bit will help in fixing our car and getting us back on our feet. It has been a very tough year for us and I imagine it has been for many families out there. I pray that God will help us all and we can get back to our normal way of life very soon. God Bless!