When all this started in March of last year I had my own business a good nest egg and a sturdy financial foundation. I was expecting a baby I'm preparing purchase a home ,and all at once my situation began to crumble my business went under due to shelter in place orders placed in downtown Portland my clientele could no longer receive my services nor could I get paid for them. I struggled by to make ends meet and was taken advantage of by a couple of close family members.Although we were all in the same situation it seemed I was the only one holding the flag. Carried on this way for about 6 months till my savings began at dwindle. And due to myself employment status I don't qualify even for the very loose qualifications of unemployment. So I began working doordash and other gig jobs that were all hiring and that was working out pretty well for me until the wildfires surrounded the city at which point my worldly belongings and myself were all packed into my vehicle which was also my place of employment and in August my vehicle was towed with everything I owned in it while I was in Idaho visiting some family. And my home was under level one evacuation for about a week. I've been living off of what's was left of my savings up until this time and what little assistance I could get from friends and family scraping by borrowing people's vehicles trying to just make enough to put food on the table and a roof over my head.I'm at the point where that's not enough and I'm looking at being put out on the street. I'm not much to ask for help. Usually I drowned before doing so but this is kind of a last resort I'm really only asking for donations so I can get my own car and maybe a couple of months rent to get me started so I could get my own place and go back to work full time I hope that this isn't asking too much I really do appreciate any donations and plan to pay it forward as soon as I am back in means to do so. May God's grace be with us all through these struggling times thank you for reading and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my request if anything .God bless