I need money to help create a plan of safe escape from my remarkabley, abusive husband. He pushed me, wrestled me to the ground, drug me out of the room and spit on me in front of my grandmother who is on hospice and my mother who is severely mentally ill. I am currently the caregiver for both women. Our three year old was sleeping just down the hall. This wasn't the first time, but it will be the last. I have tried to help him, prayed for God to open our eyes and hearts. I think God is answering my prayers after the latest event as I was led here.

The police were not notified out of fear of retaliation and shame. My husband has even gone after my mother who cannot possibly have deserved it. I stopped whatever his intent was then, but things are escalating. Our finances, our home, everything is tied together and he will certainly use this as a tool to harm us. I intend to stay silent until I am equipped with money and other escape plans. I am willing to vacate our home to stay safe and keep my son and other family members safe, but I would like to put up a good fight against the intentions of a very sick man.. God bless and stay safe.