I have no home, no car, barely enough clothing to last a week. 

My name is Alyssa Bourbon. 

I have my degree in cosmetology and I'm a navy veteran. I'm 25 years old, single, born and raised Nebraska and currently reside here. I have five younger siblings, which take up most of my time, and have a wide range of hobbies.

Some hobbies include exercising, cooking, creating, crafting, playing musical instruments, hanging out at home with myself or friends, and researching things. God had always helped keep my curiousity alive and strong. 

I work as a waitress/bartender, clean hotels, cook, and other various jobs part-time to stay afloat. 

Recently, I left an abusive relationship of 2 years. During the final page of the relationship, my exboyfriend had stolen my house keys, cell phone, car keys, and tried to keep me in my home until I agreed to stay with him. This was not the first time I broke up with him- he kidnapped me out of my home while I was sleeping and kept me locked in his truck in a random cornfield until I agreed to stay with him. 

I ended up leaving him again. During the time I was seeking protection after breaking up with him, my ex had taken all of things- money I had stashed away, hair tools, product, all of my styling tools, clothes, makeup, contacts, birth certificate, purse, DD214, etc., and taken them somewhere. He also had broken my car so it wouldn't run. Cops were involved and it was quite the ordeal. There wasn't much I could do about retrieving my belongings because I had no proof and didn't want to go to trial.

I've simply been rebuilding my life since and took it as a loss and lesson learned. I prayed a lot, and I pray my ex is well and treats his next love better than he did me. 

My ex wasn't a terrible man, although I'm painting a bad picture. We both loved God and grew in faith together, but we just weren't meant for each other. 

I've been focused and working hard, but I can't seem to get ahead. My little sister lost her job recently and I paid her bills for a couple months as well on top of my own. 

She now has a new job and I'm very behind on everything, and still need to find a home. I've been staying with a good friend since I left my ex, and feel as if I will be over-welcoming my invite soon. 

I've never had the opportunity to ask my parents for money because they've always struggled as well. My dad is currently in a state of rehabilitation. My mom has two children under five at the moment so I don't burden her with my problems. 

I've always wanted to become a lawyer. If you check out my social media, I'm very outspoken and see the world as black and white. God leaves no room for grey areas. 

Everyone who knows me, thinks I'd be a great lawyer. I have friends who are studying law now as well so I'd be ready to study for my LSAT exam. 

I'd take my exam in April of this year in California. There's a program there that only requires 60 hours college credit to take the test and attend the school. This way, I can get my degree in four years versus 6-8 and put my cosmetology degree to good use. 

Speaking of that degree, I use those skills daily. I have a small circle of clients and mostly do events for wedding hair/makeup. 

All in all, I don't know where else to go and I need help financially. I've cashed out my 401k at this point and if I could get a little stepping stone, I will launch off. I'd use these funds to get a laptop, which was stolen from me, to use for school. I'd take online courses so I wouldn't have to be far from my family. I need to watch my siblings grow and be there for them. 

Decent laptops aren't too expensive, so I'd use $250 for registering fees to take the LSAT exam and transport to California from Nebraska. 

I'd use remaining funds to keep rebuilding my life and extend on my hair tools and product to use on clients, and of course pay some forward, as I always do even though I never have money to give. 

Once I apply for school, I'll have a great portion paid by my FAFSA. I grew up very poor. I'll be applying for scholarships as well. I used my GI bill to pay for cosmetology school so I can't use that for this schooling. 

I thank you for taking the time to read my short, probably hard to understand story. I left out many details. 

Life is rough at times, but ultimately beautiful and I'm grateful for another day. I would love to change the world and I think I really can, I just need some help.