Hello, My name is Nengai Lazaro Benton, the president of JustUsFriends.  JustUsFriends is a Non-Profit 501c3 that helps to rescue young girls from being forced against their will into marriages with older men.  Not only that, they are being forced to be circumcised.  This type of brutally must stop, and you can help to make that happen.  If we can get these girls into schools and get them the education that they deserve, we can stop the brutally and rape.  That's what JustUsFriends is all about.  We provide them an opportunity to go to school.  Whenever a young girl goes to school, then, she is not forced into a childhood marriage and into a brutal circumcision.  Will YOU help us fight against female circumcision and childhood marriage?
How YOU can help.  It only takes $1,200 a year for ONE girl. Also, you can break it down into two payments annually, or anything you can give is greatly appreciated.  Our goal right now is $10,000 before December 25th.  
Whenever you educate a woman, you educate the world.  With ALL of us working together, we can free these precious lives, by getting them the education they need.  
Thank you very much again for everything and your support.
God bless each of you, and God Bless America!

Nengai Lazaro Benton 
Millsap, TX