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The funds from this campaign will be received by Joseph Beaudry.


Goal : CAD $3,000

Raised : CAD $40

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Without a doubt, this is probably the most important documentary in the making for everyone to see. Hiden knowledge that could save lives and be the seed for peace on earth. Every single person from an infant to the elderly will benefit immensely from this information. As God as my witness, he gave me everything I asked for and some. I never like to settle for anything but the truth.

The journey that led me to this point, and brought me the most excitement, started in 2011. I was in Thailand and a friend I hadn’t spoken to for years popped in my head and so I thought I’d give him a call. He told me about a man named something Humble was curing cancer. He couldn't remember his first name. While searching online for "humble cure" I came across Jim Humble in an interview with Bill Ryan on Project Camelot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGjUp1zoov8

After watching the interview, I knew in my heart that Jim was on to something exciting. I sold everything in my apartment to buy a ticket and flew to the Dominican Republic for a two-week seminar. Jim Humble partnered with Mark Grenon and his family to form the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing in Barahona. It became their headquarters where people from around the world came to learn the protocols and become a G2C health minister to teach others.

Mark was a pilot who did missionary work and flew doctors around to various hospitals. He took his sons to help with Spanish translations but they contracted MRSA from one of the hospitals. A penicillin-resistant staff infection that they couldn't get rid of. They tried everything, but then Mark was determined to find a natural cure and came across Jim and his miracle mineral on the internet. His remedy was the only thing that worked.

Mark was so excited by the results that he wanted to sell the church property they had built and travel with Jim Humble to help others. Jim felt it would be best not to sell and have the people come to them. So it was.

I didn’t have enough for the complete trip. However, in one of Jim’s newsletters, he mentioned that anyone struggling to pay for the course should contact him. Jim accepted my proposition to help out in exchange for the course, and with that, I was able to gain more knowledge, experience and confidence to help others.

I am extremely blessed for the experience from the eight months living with Jim Humble, Mark Grenon and his family in the Dominican Republic helping around. I organized their books and managed memberships. I also designed logos, labels and created manuals. I did odd jobs which included repairs around the property.

I helped maintain a moringa farm that we attempted to start. Sadly it was eaten up by cows that kept coming in from the farm next door. The farmer later purchased the farm from the Grenons. Make your own conclusions.

If you don't know Jim Humble, he's the man who discovered how water purification drops could do more than just disinfect water.

...what you just read is partially from an insert from a book I’ve been working on entitled “Take this Camping with you”. I’m from Canada and stuck in Colombia because of the pandemic and now at the end of my blessed rope. I'm in that phase of needing some support. Besides food and shelter, I need help to make this book available for everyone and in every language. If you would like to read what I have, please send me an email and I would be more than happy to give you a copy.

Every single person can benefit immensely from this information. As you read through this handy guide, you’re going to have this strange sensation come over you. You may want to give me a big hug. Okay, I feel a little cocky and extremely confident about what I’ve written here, and it's ok if what I'm sharing doesn't resonate with you. Just send me an email and I will respectfully return your money immediately - guaranteed.

Have you ever wondered how a person, even with a small build, can pick up a car to save someone from getting crushed to death? We know about adrenaline, but to give us that kind of strength? Does everyone have it in them, and if so the big question is – can we access it at will?

I’m here to instill confidence that if ever you get yourself in a predicament where it can cause pain or discomfort, know that you have the tools inside of you to deal with it.

Maybe you do or maybe you don’t come across a poisonous snake, spider, scorpion, wasp or any other dangerous creature in your path, but the possibility is there. And so, the information I am presenting will put your mind and body at ease.

We all have the antidote inside for practically anything that ails us, and I'll get into it, but the first chapter is about what you can use inexpensively and prepare yourself to disinfect your entire body safely.


...continued in my book "Take this Camping with You". Ask for a copy.

With love always,


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