Hello everyone, thank you so much for checking out my campaign.Please help me  raise the money to have this very first book published,  I'm not a writer, as a matter of fact far from it. But the stories in this book though they're very funny, and inspirational, will show that when God has a purpose for someone he will do everything and anything to protect, preserve, and fulfill his purpose in life. (A free autographed book will be given to the higfreehest contributor)
So please check out the introduction, and any and every donation will be greatly appreciated!
.                          Introduction

Let me ask you something; have you ever traveled back to a time and place just by certain senses, like hearing an old song, the taste of certain foods, or maybe a particular scent? That's what this book is, a journey down memory lane, with the sights, sounds, smells and humor of my days growing up. 
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Angel Rafael Rosado Guadalupe Velez Jr., but you can call me Pocho  I was born in 1961 in the Lower east side of Manhattan, New York. In 1973, my family made the decision to move to Massachusetts, where I still currently reside. Good things happened when we moved here, for example, it's where I met my amazing wife, Noelia, and where we raised our four awesome kids, who are now adults, Christina Joy, Jeremiah, Mathew, and Celia Ann. 
Before I go on, let me give you all a little background or bird’s eye view, if you will, of my family. My dad, Rafael Velez, worked as a carpet layer for a company in New Jersey. He would travel back and forth every day. My dad was never hard on us, instead, he was a very soft-spoken man who was loved by those who knew him. My dad is no longer with us, he passed in 1979, but I can still remember how I would love to greet him at the door when he returned home from work. Almost every night, when my dad walked through the door, I would hug him so tight and take in that light scent of old spice and cigarette that lingered on his coat. Under his arm, he had the newspaper, which I would grab from him, so I could read the wrestling articles. It would have pictures of my favorite wrestlers, like Chief Jay Strongbow, Pedro Morales, Tony Garea, just to name a few. 
Then there was my mom Cecilia, my inspiration for writing this book. She was the nurturer, disciplinarian, school escort- bodyguard, and the reason why we, my brothers Danny and Ruben and my sister Sara, were always in church. As you read this book, you will begin to understand why mom would take us to church(a lot). Mom loves to be in church, even now in her 80's. 
By now, you may be wondering why I picked this title for my book. Well, from the first moment I introduced Noelia, my girlfriend at the time, to my mom, she would take every opportunity to regale her with stories of my childhood, down to the last teeny weeny little embarrassingly intimate detail, so, if you don't believe me, ask my wife. 
Now that you have been properly introduced to my family, please kick back with a nice cup of Joe or invite some friends and laugh together with me as we go on a small journey to a pretty amusing past. My hope is that you find it entertaining and inspiring.