Hi there! And thank you so much for considering a donation to my organization. I own an online equestrian club and we have SO many (literally thousands) of subscribers that cannot afford the monthly membership fee of 1.99 but really want to be a part of our community because it is SAFE and POSITIVE. Horses can be a very expensive interest to have but I have worked SO hard to try to offer individuals an affordable equestrian experience.  I believe it is my Christain calling to be an organizer in the equestrian world and I have a team of administrators that work with me on this club. But the absolute lowest we can offer the service is 1.39 a month and we could really use your help offering this opportunity to equestrians all over the world. Each 1.39 donation will support an equestrian in need's 30 days membership and they are the most appreciative bunch you'll ever know!  Please consider a donation. You have no idea how far even a 1.39 donation will go!