Hi my name is Cyril, 
Thank you to who ever took the time to read this . I'm 44 years old work full time, try to be the best I can and treat others with respect and a open heart , everyone who knows me thinks I'm doing great and happy because that the image give . Never wanting anyone to know I struggle . In 2008 I had a brain tumour removed from my pituitary gland , I now take hormonal replacement medications witch are expensive . During the time of recovery I could not work and bills piled up and my credit got really bad . I have been trying my best to get back on my feet financially credit wise and even giving up a hobby so I can pay extra on bills . Growing up my father was a heroin addic that I never knew and passed away very young , my mother was a alcoholic but stayed sober most of my childhood teaching me to work hard . She passed away from liver compilations. All my grand parents are passed and have no immediate family left except my sister . We turned out pretty good considering the odds . I am in need of around 5000.00 $ to completely change my circumstances and my life , it will help me so much !! If someone told me 5000.00 would be all they needed to get there life where they needed it and I had extra I would help  ! At the end of the day what's it all for? Even if I get nothing ..writing this post was good in the fact that I'm finally facing the truth . Thanks to all that took the time to read this :) God bless .