Freedom Fighters for Ukraine

Campaign Created by: Fit&Furious

The funds from this campaign will be received by Viktoria Grygorian.

Goal : USD $50,000
Raised : USD $3,395

My name is Viktoria Grygorian. I was born in Kyev, Ukraine and lived there until I moved to America at the age of 26. I’m a US citizen, Christian,  Healthcare Professional, Army Veteran, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and a person who fights for human rights and freedom of others on a daily basis.

February 24, 2022, changed my life forever as well as those who reside in Ukraine. This tragedy has allowed me to realize that my mission and vision in life just took yet another turn. The lives of my fellow Ukrainian citizens has shattered and to watch 26 years of my life being destroyed for absolutely no reason is inhumane to say the least.

I’m calling on likeminded, caring human beings that can assist in providing support to save lives as every part of Ukraine sufferers. We’re running out of personal funds and we guarantee that every single cent will be used to help the victims in Ukraine. We have volunteers from our church, friends and others who stayed behind at a cost of their own lives to defend their country. 

I will be updating everyone of a regular basis on where the funds will be issued. We have multiple requests starting with civilians who are surrounded in the war zone to orphans and the elderly with no food or water. 

  From the bottom of my heart I’m grateful to each and everyone who takes the time to help and contribute to supporting the citizens of Ukraine. Your generosity could possibly help those in need and save lives.





Update #1
March 9, 2022
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Dear all. In two days we were able to raise almost $1000. This is very encouraging and gives a lot of hope to people in Ukraine that we are going to help. We are currently collecting needs that our priority and will be updating you soon on where we are sending funds and how they are being used. Again, every single dollar from here goes directly to help people in Ukraine. Thank you so much and please share and pray.


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