Supporting the Guarascio family

Campaign Created by: Perri Dyer

The funds from this campaign will be received by Frank Guarascio.

Raised: USD $ 28,901

Dear friend of the Guarascio family 

I hope this letter finds you well. I am reaching out to you today on behalf of my Frank, my fraternity brother and friend of 30 years.  Jill, his wife of 24 years passed away after a long battle with cancer. Frank and Jill were a loving couple and devoted parents to their two children, Dylan (19) and Payton (16).

This sudden loss of Jill has left the family in a state of shock and grief, and Frank is now faced with the burden of medical expenses, loosing his partner in life and the daunting task of raising Dylan and Payton as a single parent. Dylan is beginning his college career Path, and Payton is going to be following him soon. Frank is a proud and hardworking man, but the reality is that he can no longer bear this burden alone.

That is why I am writing to you today, to ask for your support in raising funds for Frank and his family. The funds raised will go towards covering the costs of Jill's leftover medical expenses, funeral as well as providing Frank with some much-needed financial support as he raises his children on his own.

Your generosity would make a tremendous impact on the Guarascio family during this incredibly difficult time. No donation is too small, and every bit helps. Whether it's $5 or $500, your contributions will be a source of comfort and hope for Frank as he navigates this devastating loss.

Please take a minute to make your donation and then share on your social media or forward to others who would like to help.

I have chosen this platform as a donation venue as Jill was a believer in God and her faith was strong and this platform will get the most of your contributions to Frank and the kids, please share this far and wide and thank you for taking a minute and hopefully a contribution of any amount to help Frank and the kids with the healing process. 


Wow so much love
February 15, 2023
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I love it when humanity shows how amazing it is and how people step up to help others. This campaign has blown me away. The amount of giving in such a short time period is just wonderful. I am getting ready to share this with Frank and I know that he will be filled with love and amazement of how many people have come to support him and his family. 

The Brothers of Alpha Eta Rho, thank you again for showing the true meaning of brotherhood and being there for us! we are a small group, but our bond is so strong. 

The the Union Pilots at UPS, wow your quick support blew me away, some days I would get 10-20 emails of donations coming in. Thank you IPA brothers and Sisters for all your support. 

Family and Friends, your support will mean so much to Frank, I feel your love and thank you so much. 

I want to reignite this campaign so I am once again asking you, if you have not given, but you were planning on giving, please do so. Also please share on your social media, emails, texts, sky writing, etc so we can continue to raise funds within this campaign to help Frank and the kids go forward from this tragic event!

Again thanks to everyone. 

Simply amazing
February 3, 2023
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I want to thank the brothers of Alpha Eta Rho for stepping up in large numbers. Frank is a standout brother and this support shows how much the brothers care. To the friends and family thank you so much for taking a couple of minutes and your financial support for the Guarascio family, I know it means so much and everyone’s incredible support has already raised over 12k in just a few days. If you feel so inclined please take a moment to share the link, talk to friends who might want to contribute to their future so this amazing show of love and support continues. 


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