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A little backstory from my 12 year Tumorversary post on January 20, 2022.

After growing up in Kansas, moving to Iowa, back to Kansas, and then to Colorado (Colorado Springs), I ended up in north Texas!  I'm currently employed by Dell Technologies in the Global Services Center of Competence (I was a Practice Lead and pre-sales road warrior before my diagnosis... more about that in a bit) and have been with them for the last fifteen years now in various roles.  I'm currently living in Cedar Park, TX just north of Austin.  Although I miss the Colorado scenery and beautiful summers, Texas has been outstanding.


On January 20th of 2010, I suffered a couple of grand-mal seizures and was diagnosed with a type II oligodendroglioma which is just an incredibly long and obnoxious name for brain cancer.  I underwent a craniotomy where they were able to get a good chunk of the tumor resected. 


Afterwards, I went on  chemotherapy to try and keep it at bay.  After eight months of recovery, I was finally able to return to work.


Four years later, after a bunch of chemo and a ton of scans, everything seemed to be under control.  Then, after an MRI and follow-up with my neuro-oncologist in June of 2014, we realized the tumor was back with a vengeance.  My neurology team wanted me to have surgery the first week in July but I told them no because my wedding anniversary to the love of my life, my rock, and my caregiver was on July 11th.  So, on July 15th, I went in for my second craniotomy.  This time around, the cancer had spread and the tumor was larger, far more vascular, and much more aggressive.  My neurosurgeon was able to resect about 96% of the tumor but it had indeed enhanced to a Gr. III Mixed Anaplastic Astrocytoma which is just an incredibly long and obnoxious name for worsening, more aggressive brain cancer.  I did lose some sensation in my left arm because the tumor had crossed over my motor strip and I still have that deficiency to this day. That same year, I went through more chemo, six weeks of radiation, and was hospitalized with the flu...


Now, twelve years later, I'm getting back in shape and feeling pretty great!  Since there's currently no cure for brain cancer, it's still there and will likely be back again and may even enhance to the dreaded Gr IV GBM.  In the meantime, I am just taking it day by day, enjoying life, and finally starting to take care of myself and enjoy the time that God has given me here!  It's a big change and I expect that I'll have plenty more adventures in the coming months and (God willing) years ahead!

After almost twelve and a half years of battling terminal brain cancer, I think the bear has finally caught up to me but I'm still optomistic and want to get the ball rolling on this new video series showing the good, the bad, and the ugly side of heading into the final season of life.


A little setback this past week
June 23, 2022
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First off, THANK YOU ALL for your support and prayers as I battle through this.  It's truly been both inspiring and humbling knowing how many good and amazing peopel are out there supporting me through this battle!  This last week (Starting last Thursday) I had a bit of a setback that put me on my heels.  On Thursday night, I lost all sensation and motor control on my left side and by Friday morning it hadn't gotten any better so I called 911.  They took me to Cedar Park Regional Medical Center for stroke testing and, after finding nothing I was transferred up to the epilepsy monitoring ward at Medical City Dallas where I stayed with a ton of wires and electrodes for the entire weekend!  It was awful but I did get my scheduled MRI done on Monday morning and my follow-up with my neuro-oncologist.  I'll be starting another chemotherapy (along with my current one) on Sturday and we're hopeful that will get this new growth and enhancement under control!  The only reason I was able ot afford and get through any of this was due to all of your generous donations and support!  You are all simply amazing and I needed to say thank you!  I'll be putting out an update video very soon on all that happened and keep you in the loop as much as possible.  I'm still getting my strength back and I'm still a little foggy but even that is getting better by the day with more sleep.  Look for more updates over the weekend and God Bless You All!


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