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Goal: USD $25,000
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Please share **** So I was not able to discuss this until today. I want to warn you all that the Pasco county school district does not play around. If you make the decision to challenge their radical ideology be prepared for consequences !!! The corrupt superintendent & board will stand by their activists until the bitter end. I am walking & talking proof of that. As many of you know there was a scheduled appointment to see the murals at Pine View Middle School. I was in attendance. The next day while seeing patients in the clinic I got a call from my FD union. My union rep informed me that Principal of PVMS called my department where I have been employed for 20 years and accused me of
#1 Making an unauthorized entry into a school
#2 Being hostile towards school officials
#3 That I had been trespassed by PCSO
All were blatant lies. I provided my I D and my child’s name & was given a passport to attend the tour.
I was stern & precise in my questioning but remained professional & respectful. Even though that same respect was not reciprocated to any of the parents.
I was never in contact with the PCSO.
Today I was called down for a formal fact finding. My options were no discipline, suspension, demotion, or termination.
Luckily the truth prevailed and I received no discipline. I was fortunate enough to have a neutral panel reviewing only the facts with out emotions.
Make no mistake Principle & Pasco schools are vindictive & they callously & unapologetically made a coordinated effort to ruin my career & my home life ! All because I dared to stand up to their radical ideology that promotes the sexualization of our children. And spoke out against her dark & sinister murals. They could care less that I am a husband & father of two young children. They did not even remotely consider what consequences could come from their false allegations. The school board nor the superintendent has not even once reached out to me for my side of the story.
I will not be silenced & I will not be intimidated. And Mrs. Warren & Mr. Hegerty and the rest of the school officials will have their day in court. I have faith that the truth will prevail. I have support from my family & friends but more importantly God is on my side.

Initially I decided pursuing the legal route was my course of action. After much prayer & consideration I decided my best use of my energy & my skills is to be on the school board. I want to be the change that we want to see. If you initially wanted to donate to only my legal fee. I will gladly refund your money. Thank you for all of your support. I believe God has been and is in control. Follow me at
IG @educationrescue.
Thank you.


Change of plans
January 26, 2023
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Hey thank you for your donation. I have decided at this time that a better course of action would be to not pursue a lawsuit at this time. After much consideration prayer & support from my wife & children I have decided to run for Pasco County School Board. I am already on the 2024 ballot. I have started collecting petition signatures. A lawsuit would only benefit me. Me being on the board could affectively positively impact 86,000 children. Please if you have donated to my fund & would like a refund because it was initially for a law suit Please email me at if you made an anonymous donation please email me as well. 

You can follow my journey @

IG @educationrescue


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