Hello, I'm Russell Smith. My novel Argentum's Song won the 2021 Braun Book award for new fiction (A Canadian award for Christian writers). I am looking to self publish, Maelstrom'sPrize, the second book in the Ferus' Gifts trilogy. The manuscript is finished but I need to raise funds to have it edited, commission illustrations, and to help establish a web presence and marketing.

The Ferus'Gifts trilogy is an allegorical fantasy featuring clockwork tek, magic swords and a weir virus. It is a good read for junior high and up. It is geared towards being a jumping point for deeper reflection and discussion on issues of faith, unity, and identifying the true enemy while refusing to dehumanize the 'other'. Conversations that are especially relevant in our currently divided culture. Another major theme is expectations and how to build resilience in one's faith when those expectations are not met. This is explored through parental expectations, expectations of how God accomplishes his will, and our expectations with ourselves.

This campaign is for those interested in patronizing me as a creative artist. I have the following stretch goals.

From the start

  • On my website (here) there is already free access to discussion questions for Argentum's Song. It has questions geared to the Ontario Ministry of Education grade 7 & 8 language curriculum, it's grade 9 english curriculum, and some examining the allegorical symbolism and how it might relate to the reader's faith.

  • If you provide your email address, I will send email notification when books in the Ferus' Gifts universe are released and information on how to purchase them (an ebook of Argentum's song is currently available here). As stretch goals are reached I will send emails to that end as well.

  • Donors have the option of providing a name for the Aknowledgements page of Maelstrom's Prize.

$1750 CND

  • I can pay Shaun Levy (the cover artist) to draw chapter header illustrations as well as illustrations of key scenes. I believe this will add significant value to the books and to the reading experience. (Scroll through the image gallery above to see more of his work)

$2500 CND

  • Having paid for all the above and recouped my sunk costs for the first novel, I will be able to make it easier for more people to be introduced to the world of Ferus' gifts more easily by lowering the standard price of Argentum's Song.

If we make it this far I have other ideas.


Argentum's Song is already written and professionally edited and available as either ebook or paperback on Amazon. I am waiting on a few more illustrations to be able to publish an illustrated hardcover. I still have hope that this can be in people's homes by Christmas 2022.

Maelstrom's Prize is written but needs illustrations, cover and editing. I hope to published it in the Summer of 2023.

If everything goes well hopefully Phoenix's Fall (currently fully outlined) will be available by Christmas 2023. You may see a similar Campaign go up next spring to help fund this.

Go to


For free access to discussion questions for Argentum's Song and

For options on how to purchase it as an e-book for various platforms.