Father Paul came into my life back in about 2015. He's a priest from Africa who was visiting America. He visited our parish meeting and spoke of the importance of bringing people to Christ, and bringing Christ to people.

The rest of the story is also quite simple. Father and I have continued our friendship since 2015. We message and send pictures and ideas through fb messaging. Earlier this year Father Paul was appointed to a newly created parish that has huge gaps--St. Joseph Parish in Uganda. He needs a variety of items for that parish and we are going to help raise money so that Father can get them! What a God-incidence since this is the Year of St. Joseph!!!

Father spends a lot of time in adoration and following one such night recently he messaged me some of the items that he needs for his parish- He needs a statue of Mother Mary, a ciborium, an alter crucifix, a monstrance, a thurible, a chalic, a cope and a tabernacle.

If you can donate to help Father Paul purchase these items, please do and thank you in advance for your gifts.If you can't donate at this time, please pray for Father's campaign to be a huge success.

May God bless you!