I'm reaching out praying for help because this year had been devastating to my family! I'm currently caring for my aunt who just had lung cancer surgery, what little money I had, I took to find her a used hospital bed and set a room up for her to be quarantined in to keep her safe! I also took custody of my 14yr old niece this year along with also having a baby in March and a 13yr old daughter myself! I lost my self employment due to covid so at this point we have no income at all, behind on rent barely have been able to keep my utilities from being disconnected and no not only will I have no way to provide any type of Christmas for my 3 kids, I also have no money to cover any copays for my aunts meds or chemo treatments! I have NEVER been in a position to need help like this, I have always been the person to help others and now I cant even help my own family, we struggle daily to eat and I dont know what else to do! So I'm reaching out to my fellow Christians and amazing hearted people who can find it in their heart to help anyway they can! I can provide and proof or documentation to support my reasoning for help so people know this is a real dire situation! Not only will my girls have no Christmas my aunt could die from not having her treatments and copays for meds and doctors and I couldn't live with myself if I didnt do everything in my power to help get us out of this dire situation! If there is anyone out there who can understand my situation and help at all you have my word that I WILL PAY IT FORWARD AS SOON AS I CAN!! I'M begging for the bottomed of my heart! Please help my family keep our home, give my girls some type of Christmas and keep my aunt from letting this cancer take her life!! PLEASE!!!!!