Since GSG is refunding money raised for the 2022 Convoy we have decided to go a different route to get the money raised to the drivers who travelled across the country to protest the Canadian Governments excessive crackdown on our freedoms and seizures of funds.

All money raised will be used to purchase PRE-PAID VISA CARDS in the United States. These will then be FEDEX'ed directly to those who lost money for expenses and finally get their money to them. This money rightfully belongs to those who participated. Funds will be held in a US Bank Account beyond the grasp of the Canadian Government.

PLEASE NOTE: SOME OF THE FUNDS MAY* be used for legal costs for those charged in the previous convoy.

Each participant will be reimbursed  based on prorated mileage and expenses and will only be paid upon proof of expenses.

Any additional funds raised but not used will go to expenses for future protests or donated to the RED CROSS to be used for refugees in Ukraine.

Please stay tuned for further updates and changes.

Team leader: Ron Miller (Ontario)

Accounting: Linda Aileen (Sask)

Road Captains: TBA

Financial oversight: Jeremiah Levin. (Quebec)

For security reasons other team members names will remain hidden.

A full accounting transparency report will be posted on July 1st 2022.

Requests for expense reimbursement will be by email. An email address will be posted in an update on March 1st 2022.



NOTE: Another convoy is being scheduled and organized to raise awareness of Trudeau's  lack of leadership and bad decision making over the last 2 years. Canada needs a leader that can stand up for our country, not run and hide every time he's called out on something. Details of the next convoy and protest are being kept highly confidential until the organizers are ready to release the information. The protest will be in time for the next Federal Election.

NEXT CONVOY AND NATIONWIDE PROTEST TENTATIVELY SET FOR MARCH 2023 which gives us lots of time to plan and be smarter this time.