Where do I begin? Maybe with as of this writing, we have lost 177 LAW ENFORCEMENT heroes and heroines in the line of duty THIS YEAR!  As a former police officer, detective and sergeant, I find it disgusting, distressing and debilitating. It should not be happening; not one, not ever. Yet it continues.

Losing part of your family, you ask yourself, "What could I have done differently? How can I turn this into something positive? How can I honor these officers' lives?"  Without skipping a beat, I knew I was going to help pay their ultimate sacrifice forward. 

Through my Enduring Service award, starting with our 2022 fallen, I am providing a free Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement training class to the police agency in the name of that fallen officer. That way, the hero/heroine's work continues; the ripple effect of that officer's sacrifice enabling justice for others. 

If you don't know about Genetic Genealogy and the power it unleashes, let me tell you...it's the game changer for law enforcement - being able to develop suspects and new leads in a matter of weeks, days or hours(learn more).

In addition to my Enduring Service program, I bring this technology to our police agencies, training them to do Genetic Genealogy investigations in house, something that private labs charge $5,000 to $12,000 per case. I believe police work belongs to the police and all victims deserve justice.

With your donation, you will enable me to go TO these agencies and bring the training to them. This makes it totally FREE for them. They've already lost so much, should they have to suffer more? The funds will cover my travel expenses, including gas for my vehicle, hotel rooms in the agency town, and rental for these training facilities. 

I hate asking for help but I oh, so, firmly believe in the power of this technology and that it should be used in all cases, cold and new and to help identify the over 14,000 folks that remain unidentified in our morgues.*

I'm one person, on a mission, to train AT LEAST ONE officer in every one of our US police agencies (I'll go global too!) which is estimated at 18,000. 

We've had enough DEFUND and we've had enough deaths. I'd appreciate any assistance in completing my mission.

Thank you, Christine