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Hello everyone! 

We are Emily’s housemates who love her flipping socks off. We are making it known to you all (BUT NOT TO EMILY) that Emily is in need of financial help to keep her in our home. Emily has been working very hard to find a job here in Redding but has been unsuccessful so far. Her savings account has dwindled away from all the hard work she put in in preparation for coming here to Redding. 

As you all know well, Emily is a giver of all givers. She goes above and beyond to bless and serve those she is around. She’s always hosting people and making them feel at home and recently she has taken charge in creating a ministry to the homeless as well, using her own finances to go out and love on those in need. 

Emily is always the first to serve and the first to lay down her needs for those in greater need than herself. She’s already sold most everything of value to her and then some to try to make ends meet. She also was the brain child behind doing a yard sale for our fellow students at the ministry school we are a part of - she donated her time and resources to ensure that other people could make their tuition deadlines. 

This woman is downright amazing and well deserving of such a blessing. 

Please help us in spreading the word and in gathering the funds she needs for the remainer of her time here in Redding. 

Many thanks, 

Emily’s housemates 

Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Catherine DeVeau Redding, CA Follow

$250 of $1,110

23 % Complete 1 donation(s)

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