Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky, born in Moscow during the Soviet Union, is a former reporter at a Moscow anti-Soviet newspaper, a prophetic voice produced by the Exodus from Russia to Israel, a driving force in the breakthroughs of the reunion of Jews and Christians, a Harvard trained theologian, Israeli, and American citizen.  


He observes with horror how the USA is turning into a Western version of the USSR, and has a plan how to stop it and defend your religious and personal freedoms.


Help bring Dmitry and his family with 5 children to the US - so that he can bless you and help America.

God has raised Dmitry to bring the prophetic message from Jerusalem: blessing American Christians on behalf of Israel to be strong in faith; encouraging a revival in the Church and understanding of the Jewish roots of Christianity; exposing how the Soviets funded American neo-Marxism, and sharing his expertise on how to conduct resistance – in spirit and action.


Dmitry will have a video call with each donor to pray for your personal needs and give you special blessing in Hebrew



·       America became great because it kept the laws of the Lord God of Israel.

·       The States will reunite only through the renewed understanding of God’s word.

·       Revival in the Church will bring change and stem the tide of evil.

·       The Left are not to be “defeated”. God doesn’t want the destruction of the sinner. The Left is to be healed from the fatal illusions which destroyed nations and killed millions.

·       God will heal them – with wisdom and love. There is a strategy how to do it, and we’ll do it together. With God’s strategy, we’ll save the USA.