Our family is asking for help for my adult son who was diagnosed with Aspergers 24 years ago, now called ASD, (autism spectrum disorder) 
But first…I want to take a minute and talk about autism. There are MANY different ‘spectrums’ of autism. Anyone who has a child with autism understands that. 
Autistic children and/or adults are the most sweetest and yet at times can be the most complex. 
To others they can seem like they are unruly, rude, unempathetic,  or even say they are dumb. 
Unfortunately there are too many people who do not understand the uniqueness of the spectrums and are uneducated. Those of us raising or have raised an Autistic child, well, we were just as uneducated at one time.  
Let me try to put this into perspective:

Those with autism whether a child or adult can put themselves in dangerous situations and not even realize what is going on around them. 
They have a slower reaction time as well to their surroundings.
They will hurt themselves before they will hurt you
You can have what looks on the outside as a normal child just acting out, or a teen who is just mouthy, to an adult who acts like they are just a ‘know it all" and could careless. 
People DO NOT speak to them on their ‘UNIQUE’ level (high or lower functioning)

As parents we find ourselves explaining our child or adults mental health, so those who don’t understand, will. 

We don’t want our children to grow up feeling like being autistic on any level is a crutch nor does it defy them. However it does defy them, and I don’t mean that in a negative manner, as it makes them unique. 
Unique in thought, passion, perception, unique verbal or non verbal que’s. 
They believe in standing up for what they believe in, as that is what we teach them. Those of us who know, know once they believe in something (even if others may think it’s crazy) they stand up for that! If they believe in someone or something they will stand up for that when everyone else doesn’t. This could be a friend, family member, animals, movie stars or even the President of the United States. 
The one thing I love about those who are autistic is they may not know how to express love through words but they do know how to love affectionately. 

How do we protect our children with autism when they are grown and keep them out of the criminal justice system? As parents of any autistic child, we understand this all to well. Our children, even as adults, DO NOT belong in the criminal justice system. 

My son Devlyn has been interested in governmentally issues since he was in high school. (AP Government) and loves the logistics of sports. We we’re grateful that he decided to fixate on the logistics of sports and government issues. He could have fixated on a number of bad things. In turn I believed what he picked to be safe. God knows I am not a perfect parent and have forgotten a few times about his autism.

With that said.. 
At the beginning of this year, my son went to Washington DC to protest. During that protest and all the chaos, a police officer was pepper spraying right at him, Devlyn felt something on the ground and picked it up( which happened to be a police baton) and knocked the pepper spray out of a officers hand trying to protect himself. Obviously the officer doesn’t know that my son has ASD, (autism spectrum disorder)
Amongst all the chaos that happened that day, this one mistake, my son was then labeled a "Criminal". Devlyn's lawyer convinced him to plead guilty without ever bringing up his disability. His lawyer said, "It could sounds like an excuse", so in turn let my son plead guilty to assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon, a baton and now can be facing 20 years. I told his lawyer that I felt uncomfortable with my son pleading guilty, he then said we can find other counsel, he WILL NOT withdraw the plea. My son is now being held pending sentencing. I AM BEGGING FOR ANY HELP WE CAN GET to pay for the forensic specialist and for any on going fees.
  I want my son to be represented properly and I 100% feel that with new representation and this autism evaluation he will get the right help. He is very scared right now. He does not understand his surroundings nor how he is being treated. He has tried to explain to the corrections officers that he has autism and they do not care. 
I am not saying what he did was right and he knows it wasn’t right but autism people have a very high, fly or fight when in their eyes they are being attacked. 
The news and the FBI have lied and said he was associated with people in which he was not.. he didn’t know one person. This was the first time going to a protest without his brother. 
What I am trying to say-is there are factors in this situation that are NOT under the normal parameters. 


PLEASE say a prayer for him! 
PLEASE even if you can’t help financially, please share to get his story out.  Thank you from the bottom of our families heart for taking the time to read this!